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Research Department

Experienced local historians and genealogists are available to support your research.

We can assist with enquiries about Clunes and the local district and help families trace their Clunes connection.

The Clunes Museum’s Research Department has a wide range of historical records of the town of Clunes and the surrounding district. These records cover the period from 1860 to 1940. There are a few documents prior to 1860 and some after 1940.

Where it is possible, we will provide you with a copy from the original books, documents and newspapers, containing material relevant to the family being researched.

As members of the Research Department are volunteers, we will endeavour to answer your requests as soon as possible. However, from time to time there may be some unavoidable delays.


Our main resources of information are the Borough of Clunes Rate Books and Voters Rolls and the Shire of Talbot records of the rural areas surrounding Clunes.

The Clunes newspapers, which began publication in 1860, are an invaluable source of information although several issues are missing until the 1880s. Cemetery records, Church records (except the Roman Catholic records), School rolls, banking ledgers and mining association lists, council minutes and local histories of the town and organisations add to the resources we have.

These records enable us to trace most families who lived in Clunes, except the “floating” population of the mining days, who moved from goldfield to goldfield and lived in tents or stayed with relatives or perhaps in one of the many boarding houses.

We have also records of all Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages and can undertake Family Tree research.

Fees and Charges

Reasonable fees and charges are applicable and we will contact you to discuss payment.


Please note: due to the nature of our archives, private research is not possible.

Research Inquiry

Thank you for contacting our Research Department.  If you experience problems submitting our form, please email us directly with the following information and we will get back to you asap:  Your name, email, contact phone, family being researched (if applicable), information you require and any known details.  Thank you.  Email to: